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Web Development

Web development has been a passion of mine for a long time. I have completed many projects utilizing various types of web technologies. I even went as far as co-founding a company with a functional web application. Listed below are my most notable web projects.

Frontend Developer 2017

PixelPerformance Online Store

Tasked with leading a team of frontend developers to implement a user friendly web application. The application had the ability to manage product specifications and inventory as well as allow customers to browse and purchase (without payment processing) products. The system allowed for refunds and had a keen focus on software architecture.

Technologies: Material-UI, CSS, React, Redux, Javascript, HTML5.

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Frontend Developer 2017

SCS Website 2017

Completed the modernization of the Software Engineering and Computer Science Society (at Concordia University) website. Most of the work was to move the current infrastructure to the cloud and rework the entire frontend of the webpage. I was able to complete this task in under a week.

Technologies: Bootstrap 4, CSS, Javascript, HTML5, AWS.

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Co-Founder 2013-2017

BreakMates Inc.

Developed from the ground up, BreakMates is an application that allows students to share their availabilities and coordinate to create plans when everyone one is available. Performing on a scalable cloud infrastructure, the web app was structured to handle high volumes of traffic. There was also a high focus placed on design.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, ZURB Foundation framework, Ajax, AWS.

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MEAN Stack Developer 2016

Algorithm Time

The Software Engineering and Computer Science society hosts algorithmic competitions every week during the semester. As VP Projects of the society, I developed an application for the event that records every attendant's score in a globalized leaderboard and also allows the sharing of problems every week.

Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

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Full-Stack Developer 2016


Think of BringIt as Uber for things, but instead of transporting people, BringIt! delivers items. Any user, once logged in, can "Ask for Something" to be delivered to his/her vicinity. Alternatively, they can search for items that can be bought near them and look up their destinations, as well as the fee for its delivery.

Technologies: Node.js, Firebase, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap

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Backend Developer 2015


Developed a web application that made use of the Twitter API to create surveys. Results were aggregated and displayed by the web app. Was in charge of the backend logic, some front end implementations and communication with the Twitter API. Our team of two developers won first place.

Technologies: HTML5, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap.

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Full Stack Developer 2014


Worked as a backend developer to create a system for sending restaurant coupons on customer's birthdays. This was a contract job in College which didn't pan out so we open sourced the code. Front end design was important to us so we implemented Zurb's foundation framework.

Technologies: HTML5, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL, ZURB Foundation

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Mobile Development

Java for Android was the first programming language I learnt. At the age of fifteen I decided to create my own Android application over a summer. I completed my goal and loved the process of mobile development. Since then I have developed a couple more mobile applications and below are some of my best.

Android Developer 2013-2017

BreakMates Android

The web app mentioned above was a part of the three platform solution, BreakMates also required an Android application where users can share their availabilities and coordinate to create plans when everyone one is available. Material design was implemented to keep up with Google's ever changing design standards.

Technologies: Android, Gradle, third party libraries.

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